We finished the workshop on Friday with a screening of the students’ digital stories. We transformed our classroom into a theater and invited the students’ families to come see the results of our two week workshop. We were really happy with the turnout, we filled the room and almost every student had a guest present.

Before the guests arrived, though, the students prepared a farewell presentation for us. They acted out the first day we met, with each of us played by a student; they sang us a song; they gave us goodbye cards; and Martha, their teacher, thanked us for volunteering. Because of our time crunch, so much of the workshop has been focused on leading the students through to the next stage of production, and we have not had very much time just to play, chat and get to know them. The students’ presentation showed us how much they enjoyed the workshop and our time together. We were all moved; it was a great way to start the screening.

The digital stories went over really well, and after the screening we presented each student with a DVD of all the stories produced in the workshop. We were able to publicly thank Tufts and the IGL for funding us, as well as Martha and the el Hogar staff for their incredible support. After we spoke, Ximena, the director of el Hogar, thanked us for our work and invited us back to el Hogar in the future (“el Hogar sigue abierto a ustedes“). Martha also told us that the screening was the largest gathering of our students’ parents they had ever had. We were thrilled.

Check out this slide show of photos from the workshop, many taken by the students, and check the students’ blog to read their farewells and watch some of their digital stories.