expresArte has been a huge success, and we have several exciting opportunities on the horizon. We will be doing another workshop in Colombia next year, and will hopefully be expanding to the US sometime soon.

As we grow, we will need volunteers for everything from leading workshops to planning our expansion. If you’re interested, email

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We are Alex, Tatiana, and Kyle, three Tufts students who received a grant from the Institute for Global Leadership to set up a digital storytelling workshop in Bogotá, Colombia.

In our technology-based world, access and control over media has become something of a currency, one that that determines social and political standing. So, communities with unequal access to the consumption and production of media risk becoming marginalized. Here in Bogotá, we will be working with students from low-income communities who haven’t necessarily had the opportunity to manipulate and create their own media, such as photos and websites.

The digital stories our kids will create will be short videos, made up of both still and moving images, narrated by the creators. Our goals for this innovative educational strategy are twofold: first, by working with photos, videos, music, and websites, we aim to promote media literacy, addressing the concern of unequal access. Second, by having our students create first-person stories, we will have them explore their identities and become comfortable with media as a tool for expression.

Ultimately, our goal is to make the ExpresArte workshop a permanent institution in Colombia, and to create a sister program at Tufts. Those interested in our project can email Alex at