Our workshop is going great! We’ve had some really great days and some challenging ones . So far, our students have produced three writing assignments about their identity as it relates to Bogotá. Last night, they took their cameras home and today we went on a walk through their neighborhood so that everyone could finish their camera roll.

The walk turned out to be more of a swim time in a creek that runs down the Andes in the students’ barrio than a strict photo shoot, but after two days of serious writing we didn’t mind. Alex and Tatiana jumped in with them, and we think it actually got us a lot closer to our students.

The students are blogging (in Spanish) about their experience in the workshop, so they’re gaining computer skills beyond the editing software we’ll be using next week. The combination of traditional writing, blogging, photography and videography is really amazing to watch.

We are running into some challenges getting our students to take “artisitc” photographs–mostly they want to photograph each other posing for the camera–and sometimes the days feel a lot like controlled chaos. However, after a good talk with their teacher, Martha, this afternoon we all started to realize how valuable this is for the students. They are learning the ins and outs of a new technology, which they’re rapidly becoming more comfortable with, and through their new tech-literacy they’re analyzing their relationship to their neighborhoods and the city.

Next week the students will begin editing, and we’re confident that everyone will have a finished product they’re proud of by Friday the 20th.