Welcome to our blog!

For two weeks this August Alex, Tatiana and Kyle will be leading a digital storytelling workshop with a group of 17 students in Bogotá at El Hogar de Nueva Granada. This project is funded through the Empower Social Entrepreneurship program through the Institute for Global Leadership (IGL) at Tufts University.

Digital stories are short, narrative-driven video pieces that use still and moving imagery to tell a story.

In our technology-based world, access and control over media has become something of a currency, one that that determines social and political standing. So, communities with unequal access to the consumption and production of media risk becoming marginalized. Here in Bogotá, we will be working with students from a low-income community who haven’t necessarily had the opportunity to manipulate and create their own media.

Our goals are twofold: first, by working with photos, videos, and music we aim to promote media literacy, addressing the concern of unequal access. Second, by having our students create first-person stories, we will have them explore their identities and become comfortable with media as a tool for expression.

Alex will be documenting the workshop throughout the entire process. While he interviews us, the teacher we will work with, and our students he hopes to better understand the impact of youth media on students. In addition, he hopes his documentation will serve as a model to share this dynamic process with others interested in undertaking similar projects.

On this blog, you will find updates of our progress, photos and videos of the workshop. Eventually, we hope that our students will post about their experiences in the workshop and share some of the photos they will take and stories they will produce.